Medieval Crusades and Chivalry

Who were the medieval fighters and lovers? This site investigates medieval civilization through some of its most intriguing characters – crusaders, pilgrims, and knights – and looks into the society that produced them.  This study involves issues of international law or human rights, religious and ethnic diversity, and social class and privilege.  Above all else the figures of knights will occupy our attention – their disdain for the practical, their love of risk-taking, the codes of service, loyalty and love that inspire their behavior and yet create contradictions in their modes of life.

Konrad von Limpburg as a Knight being armed by his lady (Codex Manesse ca. 1340)
Scenes from Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival, BSB, Cgm 19, ca. 1240

The working groups for the 233 2020 pages are: “The Sword in the Stone”; “The Military Orders”; “The People’s Crusade”; and “Chivalry, Myth, and Folklore.”