Margaret & Francisco- Test Page

What about the website project excites us the most?

  • learning how to make websites
  • creating an aesthetically pleasing website
  • investigating the People’s Crusade
  • making friends and good grades

“What about this project feels most daunting for you?”

Tim Kircher

The actual research is scary! It is a big task that seems overwhelming in the beginning. Also successfully making a website page that looks good and has a sizable amount of info may be hard to do.

What questions do we have?

Will we present our work to the class? If so, how long will the presentation be?

How many pages do we need to make as a group? One per person?

Fun Facts

  1. Francisco is planning on becoming a director for animated television
  2. Margaret’s favorite food is pizza; Francisco likes ham on his pizza and it is also his favorite food
  3. The year 2020 is a leap year
White cat playing an organ
(Book of Hours. Use of Paris., Folio #: fol. 106v. Manuscript. Place: Bodleian Library, University of Oxford,
The Pope Makes a Speech to the People
Anonymous Artists. published 22 April 1482. The Pope Makes a Speech to the People, HISTORIA ITINERIS CONTRA TURCOS, History of the Crusade Against the Turks.