Chivalry & Modern Day Movies

Chivalry is system which defines a knight’s duties, religious and social moral code. It has been a social expectation for man for centuries. During the medieval ages, knights would rescue a Damsel in Distress or as fairy tales go; a princess. Chivalry and its meaning has changed overtime. But with movies constantly featuring a princess in need of rescuing; it stays consistent.

As the well known movie “Rapunzel” shows her in need of rescuing from her castle guarded by a dragon. This is what knights faced while doing an act of chivalry. It is old tactic that still occurs today. Maybe not the dragon part, but of small little acts of helping and saving someone.

This picture represents a damsel in distress and a prince needing to rescue her from the dragon. The art is from a famous painter Paolo Uccello who showed Saint George and the Dragon as an act of chivalry. (Uccello Paolo, St Geroge and the Dragon. C. 1456)

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