Military Orders of Knights

By: Andy, Jake, Lewis, and Taylor

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We are students in History 233: Medieval Crusades and Chivalry. We decided to create a public history website page that goes into detail about the military orders of knights during the crusades. The intent of this page is to introduce you to information regarding the three main orders during the crusades and the training they went through. The orders of knights we will be introducing are the Templars, Hospitallers, and the Teutonic Order. In addition, we speak on the education and training the Templar and Hospitaller knights received.

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This picture is a manuscript from Medieval times that depicts Crusaders capturing Damietta.
ANONYMOUS / FRANCE (mid-XIV century)., artist. Circa 1350.. Illumination. Joinville, Vie de Saint Louis (391 pp.), p. 83: Crusaders capturing Damietta.. Illumination / Profane. Place: PARIS., Bibliothèque nationale., Département des Manuscrits., MS. Fr. 13568..

Background & Education of Knights

Knights Templars

Knights Hospitallers

Teutonic Knights