The People’s Crusade of 1096

The People’s Crusade had a humongous historical significance; it set the foundation for the following European crusades that lasted for approximately two hundred years. Many historians view this crusade as the introductory phase to the First Crusade (1096-1099.) However, a second perspective sees it as completely separate. Christians from all over Europe decided to travel far from home not only to fight for the protection of Christianity abroad, but also to escape the struggles of living at home. This crusade was a pilgrimage on their own accord, without mass political or religious support, one of many reasons emphasizing how different the People’s Crusade was from all the other crusades that followed. This page will delve into the questions of who, what, when, where, and why regarding the People’s Crusade throughout its six month span, from April to October of 1096.

Timeline of the People’s Crusade

Battles of the People’s Crusade

Motivations of the People’s Crusade

Peter the Hermit

Peter the Hermit inspiring crusaders to join the cause
Peter the Hermit inspiring crusaders to join the cause