The French Story “Sword and The Stone”

By Blake Allen Tallman

What do we tend to think about when think of the sword in the stone and of king Arthur?

  • That king Arthur was English?
  • He was the strongest and the coolest?
People involved There description
King ArthurWas born in southern wales and was the right true king and owner of the holy sword Escalibore
Sir KayKing Arthur’s half brother also was in Arthurs court
Merlinwas regarded for his great wisdom and was chief adviser of the counsel. Was a powerful magical effort
Bishop Brice was a Scottish clerics and was a person of great sanctity.
Sir Gawain one of the higher knights in king Arthurs court
Queen Guineveremarried to King Arthur

A sword in the stone was found in front of the church door while Bishop Brice was near on Christmas eve, the sword stayed there untill easter and while Sir kay was in the mist of battle his sword and broken and sent Athur to find him another one. Arthur could only find the sword that was in the stone in front of the church, it took out the sword with much ease. Sir was then under the impression that he would be crowned king until the doubters asked him to do it again and with Sir Kay’s ego on the line he then put the sword back into the stone. As he went to pull out the sword, he could not. Arthur was the only one who take out the sword with this action most proclaimed that Arthur was to be there new king. To his election of the crown this lead to him being imposed my eleven king and a duke. Merlin was a great aid to the new king Arthur and was his adviser and sent Arthur to find Kings Ban and Bohort. With the Kings and Merlin’s help Arthur was more then ready to win the battle witch was won a the battle of Badon Mount. Arthur wore such a gold helmet with the an engraving semblance of a dragon.

How does these stories relate to how knights would have acted in that time?

In the book by a French poet : “Lancelot, The Knight of the Cart” The art of chivalry is shown by King Arthur to his knight in his court. A wondering man came into the court and told Arthur that he holds his people and unless one of his knights were to beat him in single combat. A single knight in the court came up to the king and told him that he should be the one to do or he will leave his court . King Arthur had no such plan to let Sir Kay leave and with such did anything he could to make him stay. The only such revolution was the at of Sir Kay to take the Queen and go to fight against the knight and win back the people who Arthur wished to free. Arthur put his trust into the Sir Kay.

Later on in the Book. it mentions that Sir Gawain had accompanied the knight later as he had learned of the knight who happily hop in a cart that which would curse the person who ever is in side the cart would then be deemed to have lost all reputation. The knight had happily gotten in the cart and was carted to a beautiful hall. While on the way to this well- born hall, Sir Gawain had questioned the man driving the cart about a such knight that who would happily get in. He was out of luck and got no such answer. The lady who was at the hall made good planes not to let any of the knights who had been the cart touch a single nice thing. Sir Gawain had asked the lady a question at laying down a quite a nice bed, he how ever was meet with only hatefully and discussed looks and only said “”To demand such things. Any Knight who’s ridden in a cart Has lost his honor forever. You have no right to ask Such questions and expect to be answered— And certainly not to sleep In that bed. You’ll pay dearly, If you do! I never prepare. So rich a place for the likes Of you. Don’t even think of it.”‘.
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While being in the cart was to make a person lose all well-being Lord Gawain only wish to know why and didn’t let anything put down this knight until he knew why this knight was in the cart.

A quote from the text . Page 4 lines 82 -89 “The court Was astonished. The news was brought To Kay, as he sat at his food, And he rose at once, left The table, and came to the king, And spoke with bitter anger: “My lord, I’ve served you long And most loyally, and in great Good faith. But I’m leaving you now”
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